The future in Logistics of sands for Hydraulic Fracturing

Our System:

The Sand Flow modular logistics system allows to:

Last mile proppants supply:

The Sand Flow system:

Stock Points:

We have the capabilities to design and operate customized stock points for our clients' needs


Sand Flow containers are loaded by forklift onto a single cradle that delivers proppant directly to the blender hopper in a gradual way, resulting in smoother delivery with a noticeable reduction in volume of silica dust suspended in air.

Sand Mine:

Thanks to our proprietary Sand Flow design, the containers loaded at the sand mine can be easily stacked and staged. Allowing a more efficient, clean and safer transportation.

Railway Wagons:

The railcars specially designed by Sand Flow maximize the transported volumes and allows an agile load through the use of forklifts.

Trans-Load Storage:

Sand Flow combines fully mobile trans-loading capabilities with modular stackable storage, providing an more agile solution for the storage and supply of sands.

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