More Efficient, Cleaner and Safer Proppant Logistics

Sand Flow Logistics’ modular equipment is specifically designed to satisfy in an efficient way the needs of the companies involved in the process of hydraulic fracturing (both operators and service companies), independently of their business volume, ranging from single-site operators to major multi-basin players.


The Sand Flow technology generates a significant cost saving by providing a more efficient, cleaner and safer solution to the companies involved in the process of hydraulic fracturing, by eliminating bottlenecks in the sand supply process, and by avoiding unnecessary capital investments, among other advantages.

Reduce capital investments by eliminating the need for:

Improve efficiencies and
reduce costs by:

Proppant Quality:

The Sand Flow process eliminates several steps in the transportation of sand for hydraulic fracture, which allows the supply of higher quality proppants at the well site.

Maintain proppant quality by:

Health, Safety &

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has issued a hazard alert related to the health risk that represents the inhalation of silica dust generated during the hydraulic fracturing process.

The equipment that integrates the system by Sand Flow has been specially designed to mitigate this problem that other logistic options cannot solve.

In summary, the Sand Flow solution will:

The Sand Flow system eliminates the need for multiple sand transfer points during the fracturing process, causing the silica particles to stay “inside the box,” rather than being released into the air at the well site.

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